Friday, October 24, 2008

From New York to Hollywood It's the QUICKIES! Ladies Night and girl the feeling's good

Mark your calendars!

The November 11th Quickies is right around the corner!


Lauren Pretnar
Marisa Plumb
Kelly Xintaris
Amy Stern
Beth Wylder
Erin Teegarden
and Jessi Lee Gaylord

check back for more info on these ladeez.

Quickies! Ladies Night
Tuesday November 11
the Innertown Pub
1935 W Thomas
Chicago, IL


Thursday, October 16, 2008

55 words of deeeeee-light! (picture montage!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Thanks to all your kindness and generosity, the QUICKIES! FUNdraiser was a huge success!

We can't wait to:
make posters
make fliers
get a for real website
and of course
every good short fiction reading series needs a

Thank you again for all the support.

Pics coming soon soon soon!


Monday, October 13, 2008

TONIGHT! The FUNdraiser!

Kyle Beachy

Dave Snyder

Tobias Amidon Benglesdorf

Heidi McKye

Zach Plague

Colt Foutz

James Lower

Jessi Lee Gaylord

Amy Guth

Spencer Dew

Nicolette Bond

Maria Parrott

Jac Jemc

Lauren Pretnar

Ben Tanzer

Sam Reaves

JT Litchfield

Kevin Fink

Amira Hanafi

Lex Sonne

Geoffrey Forsyth

Melanie Datz

Laura Goldstein

Kate Harbaugh

Marissa Plumb

Chris Bower

Jon Fullmer

Steve Tartaglione (tar-tag-lee-oh-knee)

Josh Amidan

Jonathan Messinger

55 word extravaganza!


The Innertown Pub
1935 W Thomas
Chicago, IL