Wednesday, April 23, 2008

oh dear! there are 20 days until the next Quickies!

Before we tempt you with our kickass! May readers, here's some candy from our previous guests.


Tobias Bengelsdorf and Joshua Amidon have work at itunes

to check it out:

go to and clicking on the upper right "postage stamp." iTuneU will open. Then you click on "enter alumni & guests." Flash Fiction is the top listed podcast.

Lindsay Hunter (co-founder and co-host of Quickies!)
will be reading at the Sunday Salon
April 27
The Charleston Bar
2076 N Hoyne Ave.

Zach Plague wrote a book
People like it
learn more here

Spencer Dew (who read with us in April) was interviewed by Nick Osdick (who will read with us in June)
read it all here.

We hope that satisfies your hunger until the readers for May will be announced (they're AWESOME).

kisses and hugs!


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