Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I want my $2!!!!!

Jac Jemc's new chapbook, A HEAVEN GONE, is available now from ML Press!! It's a measly $2 and as far as I can tell, shipping is free. Get your copy before they sell out!

Also newly out from ML Press is SOME OF THE LETTERS THAT WERE CUT, BUT THAT TELL EVEN MORE OF THE STORY OF JONATHAN BENDER, WEATHERMAN (b. 1967-d. 1999) by Michael Kimball and LIKE IT WAS HER PLACE by future Quickies! reader, Kim Chinquee


j. a. tyler said...

thanks for posting this.

your awp reading cast is tremendous. nice work.

Jac said...

You are the nicest. I feel like I should start paying you to be my publicist.