Saturday, August 22, 2009

TOBYFEST and Contest Winners Night: A Success!

It was a grand August Quickies!, what with our dear mascot being recognized and all the previously-unknown-to-us contest winners kicking ass and bringing in new audience members. Two of our winners don't even live in Chicago, or even in the same time zone, but were able to make the trip to read!

First, our amazing contest winners (plus Mary):

Erica Walker Adams read one-armed! 

Mary Hamilton read an amazing story written the same day! (Her shit's blowin up right now. Get familiar here, here, and here!)

Tad Adcox blew the room to shreds (he even sang!)!

Greg Gerke, you had us at "ma lady"!

Sasha Graybosch showed 'em how to wear cute sandals AND read a great story!

Megan Milks slayed!

After our contest winners, we brought out Toby Bengelsdorf, Quickies! mascot, Fiction at Work editor-in-chief, and author of An Implausibility of Gnus (out now on Another New Calligraphy! $8! So affordable!):

We love him so. 

Thanks to all the contest winners - you were beyond and we are so thrilled to have you as part of the Quickies! family! And thanks to Toby for being a great mascot and not minding when we embarrass him (cough at every single reading cough).

See you in September!

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