Saturday, November 14, 2009


November's Quickies! was one of the weirdest ever and I don't think we'll ever be the same. If you didn't make it to witness the show for yourself, we feel sort of sorry for you.

Beloved mascot Toby Bengelsdorf started it off with a Harold Blunderson update!

Tim Hall read, we shit you not, tips on buying LCD televisions!

Rory Jobst read about a guy with some...creamsicle issues!

One of us read something about incest!

Simon A. Smith showed 'em how it's done and read TWO stories in under 5 minutes!

The other one of us read something about moon people!

Kathryn Regina read about a hot air balloonist while a drunk guy talked loudly about the weather!

Tim Racine, at 17, was extremely awesome at 1. doing drugs, 2. eating girls out, and 3. ska.

Tim is so good at ska, in fact, that we had to invite him back up to skank while we closed the show!

Thanks, readers! You messed with our heads and it was delightful.

And thanks, audience! We love you. At the end of the night, after lots of weirdness and too many dumb foot-in-mouth things said by Lindsay, you were the wind beneath our wings.

See you December 8!

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