Monday, June 22, 2009

Loving Q is Easy 'Cause Q're Beautiful

Sorry for the late recap of June's Quickies, but Lindsay got all sorts of married and Mary's been helping plan the sure-to-be amazing Dollar Store Tour. June's Quickies was a doozy, kind of Lindsay's fave so far, what with the secret reader and Mary just begging to be whistled off. But first, there was:

Mascot Toby Bengelsdorf! (Buy his book, yay!!)

Steve Tartaglione (Every time he reads for us, Lindsay thinks, "Dang, his shit is proper.")

Mrs. Lindsay Hunter

Jac Jemc (We're just going to start calling her "Holy Shit," as that is the reaction she engenders in us every time she reads.)

Mary Hamilton (Look how serene she is, reading her Morse code before she sighed "This sucks" into the mic and got lovingly whistled off--before the time limit--by her Quickies partner.)

Oh dip! Secret reader Margaret Chapman! Please move back.

Dave Reidy (note the remains of Mary's abandoned story, bottom right)

Now how about some crowd shots (featuring a glowing/possibly radioactive Jessa Marsh)?

Thanks, crowd! Note that Quickies! is taking a sabbatical for the month of July while Mary tours the country for 2 weeks and Lindsay joins for just a few days, because she gets homesick and hates sleeping in front of people (i.e., is a loser). Join us in August for the reading featuring our contest winners!

Until then...

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